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Welcome to LaHERP,  we are the Louisiana Herpetologic Education and Rescue Project.  Started in January 2013, the mission at LaHERP is to educate the public to be responsible caretakers of our Herpetologic friends.  Additionally, this website serves as an networking tool for Reptile Rescue sanctuaries in Louisiana.


Our Herpetiary (herpetologic beastiary) catalogues all herps and identifies herps specific to Louisiana.  (Still have a lot of updating to do)


Being a resource for pet owners, we also have a directory of Herp Breeders for those looking to add to their family or collections.


We also recognize that "life happens" and sometimes we cannot keep our herp friends forever.  We encourage people to utilize our Rescue Services verses releasing a captive animal to the wild; often times the results are not good for the animal or the public.


We hope that you enjoy surfing our pages, bookmark us and feel free to share our site with your friends and family.  The more people that are educated on herp ownership the greater lives our captive friends will live.